Siridhanyalu is nature’s gift to mankind. Korralu(foxtail millet), arikelu (kodo millet), samalu (little millet), udhalu (barnyard millet), andu korralu (browntop millet) are together called siridhanyalu. They are small in size and packed with loads of nutrients.

These super grains are named as “Siridhanyalu” by Dr. Khadar, the food expert and a true farmer. The word ‘Siridhanyalu’ is combination two words namely ‘Siri’ and ‘Dhanyalu’ (Siri + Dhanyalu= Siridhanyalu). Both are Sanskrit words. The word ‘Siri’ means ‘richness’ or ‘abundance’; and ‘dhanyalu’ means ‘grains’. They give arogyasiri to us, means they give good health to us.

Siridhanyalu are rich in fibre,  gluten-free and easily absorbed by the body.  They are slow digesting foods which don’t cause huge spike in blood sugar at once. As they have immense health benefits, they should ideally be an integral part of ones daily diet. Their huge medicinal values helps in reversing illness. Switching completely to siridhanyalu diet for 6 months to 2 years helps in reversing any kind of illness. They not only nourishes your body, but also helps in detoxifying the body and keeps you healthy.

Health benefits of siridhanyalu:

  1. Korralu: Increases mental stability, helps in curing arthritis, parkinson’s disease and convulsions, strengthens nerves.
  2. Arikelu: Boosts immunity, good for calming the sleep, helps in blood purification, nourish blood deficiencies, helps in curing diabetes and constipation.
  3. Udhalu: Helps in curing jaundice, good for liver, kidneys and endocrine glands, reduces cholestrol.
  4. Samalu: Good for ovaries, helps in resolving sperm related issues, PCOD and  infertility issues.
  5. Andu Korralu: Good for digestive system, helps in curing arthritis, blood pressure issues, thyroid, eye problems and obesity.

I will talk about cooking siridhanyalu or millets in my coming posts.

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